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Patty Thomas: strong, tenderhearted, outspoken, quiet, independent, prayerful.

Patty grew up on Capitol Hill in Seattle Washington, the youngest girl of 7 children. She was Patricia Cox until she married her brother's Navy buddy, Don Thomas. They moved to Kennewick and raised 2 rambunctious boys, until moving to Don's home state of Kansas around 1999.

The journey that brought Patty from the US to Haiti started long before she made her first trip there in May of 2006. She felt God tugging on her heart for Haiti while living in Kansas. She ran across a magazine article about Haiti and was also recommended a book to read about the country. A few years later, living in Washington again, Patty's church announced a medical mission trip to Haiti through World Harvest Missions. Joined by her 2 sons, John and Todd, they spent 10 days among the people of Haiti. They held medical clinics for hundreds of people in the mountains, endured a miserable midnight boat ride during a raging storm, and experienced the desperation and plight of the Haitian people. Drawn especially towards the handicapped children at the orphanage, Patty knew then, by the grace of God, that her future and these people would be forever interwoven.

Over the next few years, Patty would continue to travel to Port-au-Prince, bringing much needed supplies, medical experience and a warm loving heart to the people and children. Each trip back, her stays grew longer and longer. Now Patty lives 8-10 months out of each year in the country of Haiti, working for God and attending to whatever needs the people have that the Lord sees fit to bless her with. Her family, while missing her when she is in Haiti, is so proud she has answered God's call to be His hands and feet in Haiti.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Continued Prayers Needed!

These 2 girls were buried in the rubble of a school for 5 days after the earthquake. The one on my right has not spoken a word since. She does smile and appears happy. They don't know what happened to the parents. They are in an orphanage that is one of the worst around. The day we came the kids cheered when the boxes of clothes and food and water were brought in. The ladies clapped when they saw charcoal and oil to cook the food with. It was hard to hold back the tears. There is a "lake" right behind their house and the mosquito's are having a feast on them. Pray for  a home for them. Sandra and Pastor John have found a few places that are available ...... but not for orphans. The man with the white hair and beard is Sam. We worked together at New Life. The man behind us is the Pastor that is taking care of the 30 orphans. They all live in hot tents in the back yard of the mostly broken down house. Their walls are down so there is no security.....it's hard to keep the bad guys from coming in and stealing what was just delivered. Pray for protection for them. Haiti and her people still need your prayers.  
Patty Thomas

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